Acupuncture Licensing Exams Success

I wish I could have a teacher like you in the school!

100% above and beyond.

Better than the teachings in school! Relieving and reassuring.

Motivation? My desire to pass with flying colours and positive reviews from previous students who took your course. 

Motivation? Hearing from other students that have passed the exams in previous years, and how they used this course.

If you are feeling stressed or nervous about the upcoming licensing exam and unsure what to start studying, TAKE THIS COURSE! It will help you in so many ways with tricks and tactics to help you do your best! It is worth your money and time!

I am very happy to have finished the Lift Boot Camp. I found it incredibly helpful, and gave me a good idea for how to lay out my studies plus what to focus on. Gillian has a real gift in teaching and I loved her creative ways of memorizing information. Money well spent!

The best. I love the enthusiasm that Gillian brings. It makes you remember things that you usually forget.

I just wrote the acupuncture exam today. If I passed it was in great part due to my decision to invest in this program. Regardless, it gave me focus, calmed me down, provided many moments of insight and inspiration.

*5 Stars


Bootcamp 1 Students, 2017-2018

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