A Practical & Highly Worthwhile Course (5 Stars)

Gillian Marsollier has another winner on her hands with this course. NOW WHAT? 2) SET UP FOR DAY ONE is a great course for newbie and established acupuncturists alike. It offers many tried and true strategies for feeling at ease in the clinic, as well as expanding one’s practice through effective marketing strategies and patient interactions.

Gillian is an exceptional teacher with a skill for breaking things down into highly usable components. I gained many wonderful things from this course, but can’t speak highly enough about all of the templates that Gillian so generously provides. It takes so much time to create Intake Forms, Marketing Letters, Educational Pamphlets, etc. I can’t even begin to calculate how much time Gillian has saved me by providing these.

I have now taken three of Gillian’s courses and can’t wait for the next one!

Now What!? Set Up For Day One student

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