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*Important note* Your Bootcamps have been updated and have moved to Pacific Rim College Online. Please click here to join the NEW Registered Acupuncturist Bootcamp and receive new video lessons, over 2000 exam questions in the exact format of your board exams, and a detailed day-by-day study schedule!

Join the thousands of students that have used the LIFT formula to pass their exams, the first time around! Our students enjoy extremely high pass rates on their exams. Yes, that means the written AND the case study exams. Trust us to increase your exam knowledge, and to help you go into your exams with confidence!

Now you can take all the Bootcamps that you need to pass those big exams, in one low student rate bundle. This R.Ac. bundle saves you $250 compared to if you purchased your courses in singles. I am so excited to offer such a great student rate this year!


Here is what our students are saying:

‘After I successfully culminated my board exams I meant to write to you and express how thankful I was for having decided to study under your guidance. You not only made me understand many of the mysteries of TCM but more important, thanks to your incredible capacity of expression, verbal and physical (your arms, hands, face…), you made my learning very much more enjoyable and less difficult. You are an incredible teacher!

~E. Llosa M.D., R.Ac., Bootcamp Bundle Student, 2019-2020

‘Even though I did very well in school, I was desperately unprepared for the reg exam. I would not have passed without the Lift formula. School and the exam are different beasts. As painful as the studying was at times, I feel like I understand TCM infinitely better than I did a year ago, thanks to you! I cannot imagine having done this without you/Lift.  Your information, insight, experience, knowledge, patience, generosity and fab sense of humour have been invaluable over the past year.

~Bootcamp Student, 2016-2017

The Bootcamps were designed to be taken in succession. In fact, the Bootcamp series was originally requested by my students as they relayed exactly what they needed come board exam time. As it turns out, they were absolutely correct as this powerful combo results in a 90-95% pass rate!

US students – this package would be equivalent to covering most of your study materials for your Foundations and Points exams.

The Fine Print

Please note that you are guaranteed 100% access to the courses in your package until you pass your exams, once an e-mailed copy of your official letter stating a non-passing grade is provided.


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