‘Now What’ Series Bundle: Post-Exam Mentorship



Welcome to your bundle that includes Parts I-IV of your series, ‘Now What?’ for after you have passed your Acupuncture/TCM board exams!

I remember how difficult it was to pass the exams and then figure out how to become a clinical success… all on your own! These courses will ensure that you have the advice you need to achieve your clinical dreams. SO MUCH information that you just did not get in college.


“I’m a relatively new practitioner who has started my own practice last year. In her Now What series, Gillian Marsollier has provided more clinical knowledge and practical expertise than I would have ever expected. This Now What series is masterfully presented. It’s like having a mentor in my clinic when it’s really just me figuring my way along. The Bootcamp series and this Now What series, have helped me to get good to great results; and my confidence in my abilities and belief in the longevity of my clinic are high. You have helped me raise the bar of my own expectations and quench the fear of starting out on my own. Many, many thanks and much gratitude.    Wendy.”

-5 Stars*****


I made this bundle very affordable for you (FOUR info/advice/skill dense online courses all packed into one powerful bundle) as I know how expenses are once you have finished your exams and are starting clinic. The advice in these courses will help you increase your patient load so much faster that the cost of this bundle will be worth it almost immediately!


“So much good advice that we did not get in school!”



Let’s review what you will receive your new clinical success bundle:

1) Now What? Get The Job

This online course is designed to help you find your dream Acupuncture position. You will learn how to search for the right job and conduct yourself during the interview. You will learn how to establish your rates, create packages, and arrive at fair commissions and learn about flat rates. You will also be introduced to how to properly interpret a legal contract.

Here is what is included:

  • -Choosing Your Clinic
  • -How To Interview
  • -The Contract
  • -Know Your Expenses
  • -Setting Your Fees


“Gillian’s course goes through so much that is so important when first starting out! Invaluable advice from start to finish, and thank you for the templates and “homework” to force me to get organized!”

-5 stars*****

2) Now What? Set Up For Day 1 

During this course, you will receive a huge number of invaluable templates and ready-to-go forms that you can use for everything from intake forms, charts, power points for presentations, ads, patient info forms, newsletters and more. You will probably still be using the forms that you receive during this course years later! While watching the videos that make up this course, you will be introduced to marketing, strategic packaging specials and network basics that will prove to be the foundation of your clinic’s success.

Here is what is included:

  • -Pre-Made Forms
  • -Strategic Packaging Specials
  • -Marketing
  • -Networking
  • -Charting
  • -‘The Blurb’
  • -I Am Nervous, Any Tips?


“Really great, succinct discussions of how to make your clinic a success – for your clients, financially and even for you to reduce your stress levels while you learn the ‘business’ of acupuncture. I’m starting my own practice out of the gate and I need good time-tested guidance that is hard to find and since I have loved all of Gillian’s courses (for Pan Canadians) there was no question that I would take this course.”

-5 stars*****

3) Now What? Be With Your Patient

Interacting with your patients is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your new job. This course will teach you how to engage with your patients every step of the way. In my opinion, this is the most important course in the ‘Now What!?’ series as the art of patient interaction can be the most difficult to learn but is also one of the most important.

Live patient interviews will demonstrate how to go about taking a history, establishing a treatment plan, and conducting successful internal marketing. Learning how to effectively market your practice is a valuable tool in acquiring long term patients. By watching this course’s many videos you will see examples of both effective and ineffective treatments and how they are different. You will also learn the proper way to go about working with patients on medications and supplements, as well as referring and inter-referring. This course will also guide you through treatment planning and compliance and provide you with the protocols you need to make your early days a success.

Here is what is included:

  • -Patient Interviews
  • -Protocols/Research
  • -Being With Your Patient
  • -Ineffective Treatments
  • -Patience And Deeper Marketing
  • -Medications/Supplements
  • -Treatment Planning/Compliancy
  • -Referring/Inter-Referring


“Well worth it! This course helped me prior to day 1 and on day 1. I will use these techniques forever. Gillian has truly filled a need for prepping for practice after graduating from school. Thank you, Gillian.”

-5 stars*****

4) Now What? Refine Your Skills

The course that most students are excited for as it is quite fun to learn and all practical in nature (i.e. much less lecture and all doing/showing the skills). Here we will go over some very practical ways (they almost feel like cheats) to find your diagnosis, fast. This course will be almost all patient demos as most of the skills are palpatory and observational skills. Almost everything that you need to know is truly written on the body.

In this course, we will explore:

  • -Feeling Energy And Preparing Yourself To Palpate
  • -Observation
  • -Palpation
  • -Meridian Palpation And Observation
  • -Pulse Without A Master
  • -Refining Y0ur Needling Techniques
  • -Putting It All Together For A Successful Treatment
  • -How To Know When A Treatment Is Finished And That Results Are Happening (right in front of your eyes!)


“I am so impressed and inspired by the Now What course series – I’ve done 1-3 so far and I cannot begin to explain how crucial they have been in helping me feel confident and grounded in what I’m doing at work. ALSO – these courses really leave you feeling inspired to keep working hard, and keep doing the best you can: which I’ve needed during my first 3 years of practice.”

-5 stars*****

“Gillian’s courses have all been great and I do not have a mentor to spend the time that would be needed to help a start-up practitioner. I knew I needed the help, inspiration and experience-based communication (with humour) that Gillian provides.

-5 Stars*****

“The entire course was excellent. Every time I clicked to a new unit I thought “yes, this is exactly what I need!”

-5 Stars*****


Welcome to the beginning of clinical success!



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