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Join the thousands of students that have used the LIFT formula to pass their exams, the first time around! Our students enjoy extremely high pass rates on their exams. Yes, that means the written AND the case study exams. Trust us to increase your exam knowledge, and to help you go in to your exams with confidence!

NEW! Now you can take all the bootcamps that you need for your exams, in a one-stop shop. The R.TCM.P. Bootcamp bundle has everything you need to pass your exams, the first time. Course package includes 5 courses: LIVE Bootcamp #1 workshop, online Bootcamp 1, 2, 3 AND Herbal Bootcamp. Amazing deal!

Now you can take all the Bootcamps that you need to pass those big exams, in one low student rate bundle. This R.TCM.P. package saves you $546 compared to if you purchased your courses in singles. I am so excited to offer such a great student rate this year!


Biomedical Bootcamp is only $90 with the purchase of a course bundle: Biomedical Bootcamp Course (you will see the choice to add it at checkout).


Here is what one student is saying:

‘I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding prep-work you provided us with for the TCM Pan-Can Board Exam and I am pleased to tell you that our whole 5th year class at our college has passed. Yeeeeha! We are all super happy and are submitting our CTCMA / CTCMPAO as we speak.

Your course allowed us to focus on the most relevant aspects of TCM for passing this board exam and it is worth every single dime. I would like to give you a big hug and thank you again for designing the TCM BootCamp so thoughtful, concise, interactive and fun.’

The Bootcamps were designed to be taken in succession. In fact, the Bootcamp series was originally requested by my students as they relayed exactly what they needed come board exam time. As it turns out, they were absolutely correct as this powerful combo results in a 90-95% pass rate!


Live Bootcamp #1 Workshop Date and Location:

  • Victoria, BC: CANCELLED due to COVID-19 crisis
  • Edmonton, AB: CANCELLED due to COVID-19 crisis


This LIVE R.TCM.P. Full Bootcamp Package includes:

1) Live Bootcamp #1 Workshop is a great way to get PUMPED for your big study. Here we will go through everything that you need to study for your big exam plus a lot of study hints and tricks. Cannot join the live? No worries, as Bootcamp #1 below is the online version so that you can watch the live workshop at anytime, and as many times as you need to. Why join the live plus online (common question from you!)? The constant feedback from students is that the live Bootcamp #1 really gives you an official starting point to get serious about your studies. Plus, it is a fun weekend and really gives you a fast and furious overview of exactly what you need to do to pass the exam. Motivating and inspiring are your key takeaways here!

2) Bootcamp #1 is to be taken around 3-8 months (depending on how much time you have to study) before your written exam. It is also very common for second year students to take this course to get well ahead of the game! This is the live Bootcamp #1 workshop online course version. This way you can review my bad jokes over and over. And the information 😉

3) Bootcamp #2 is to be taken around a month or so before both your written and cases exams, or at least when you feel like you are mostly studied. This is the bootcamp that takes you through a large series of tests to ensure that you know everything that you should for your exam. This is an online course for you to test yourself over and over and over again.

4) Bootcamp #3 is normally taken a month or two before the case studies exam in the new year.  However, this bootcamp can also be taken at any time, from your second year of college, to your years as a developing practitioner. This is your bootcamp to learn HOW to break down any TCM case study, for simple to complex, and you own it for life! This is an online course for you to be able to re-watch videos as much as you need.

5) Herbal Bootcamp is your ultimate study guide to the herbal exams. If herbs is on your exam, then this bootcamp is for you. Set up on a 4-month detailed study schedule, you can start anytime and either expand out the schedule, or shorten it to meet your needs. This is an online course so that you can study along with your instructor as many times as you need for maximum success.

Don’t forget that Biomedical Bootcamp is only $90 at checkout with a bundle purchase. All of your Western diseases + in-depth materials and teachings on the 143 Illnesses, plus Pharmacology! 

*AB/NL students – Your CNT/Modalities Bootcamp is only $49 at package purchase checkout. See below for more course details!

Each bootcamp has a discussion board so that you have an instructor with you at all times. Ask questions, look at other Q&A for extra learning and upload study materials to share with your acu-community!

See below for more details on each course included in this dynamic package:

Bootcamp #1: What Do You Need To Study?

Description: This online course takes everything you learned in three years at school, and distills it down to what you really need to know. The purpose of this course is to prepare you for your written exam in October. You can purchase the 120+ page curriculum in the first unit for $9.99 which you will use as you follow along with the course videos. Some of the curriculum is included in the course though, so you can get started straight away! Throughout the course as you have questions and comments, use the Forum to interact directly with Gillian as well as your fellow course-mates. Your 120+ page study guide which includes study tips, memorization aids, charts, and more will immediately become your new best friend. You know how important it is to pass the exam the first time, and this bootcamp gets you there with confidence.

Day 1 – What Do You Need To Study? A DETAILED Review

  • Register, receive 120+ page curriculum booklet
  • Review of Pan-Canadian Examination General Overview
  • Suggested reference texts
  • Points chart discussion
  • Foundations
  • Syndromes, tongue, pulse
  • 4 pillars
  • Q&A

Day 2 – Continue Detailed Review

  • 6 Stages, 4 Levels, TE Diagnosis
  • Point energetics and quick charts with study shortcuts
  • Modalities/Techniques
  • Safety Course discussion
  • Fast tracking your memorization
  • Interpersonal skills/By-laws/Ethics
  • Exam time management
  • Discuss template handouts for home study
  • Written exam case study breakdown instruction and practice
  • Learn how to break cases down quickly and correctly
  • Take home mock exam + answer key to be completed BEFORE your studies
  • Q&A

Bootcamp #2: Do You Know What You Think You Know?

Description: This online course should be taken at least one month before your October written exam. The purpose of Bootcamp #2 is to find out what areas of the written exam (and cases exam!) you need to focus on the most. Throughout this course you will take practice test after practice test that will cover a wide range of topics with many of them having video answer keys so you can see how to get to the answer. The goal is to identify the areas you still need to study. Throughout the course you are invited to take your questions and comments to the discussion board, where you can interact directly with Gillian and your fellow course-mates. This Bootcamp is an invaluable experience for finding the holes in your knowledge before the exam so that you can pass it the first time.

BC #2 – Do You Know What You Think You Know?

  • Case study practice exams with video answer keys
  • Over 15 testing stations covering everything from your foundations to points to advanced case studies. You name it and it is examined!
  • Full of video answer keys
  • Two, 100 question mock exams with answer keys
  • Exam hints, tips and a pep talk
  • Add any questions you may have to the discussion board

Bootcamp #3: Break Down Any TCM Case Study Efficiently and Successfully

Description: This course is intended to prepare you for the January case study board exam. However, it is also a valuable resource for practitioners looking to improve their clinical skills. The January board exam consists of long and short answer case studies in addition to various TCM questions. This course teaches you the skills you need to excel at these case studies. Upon registration you can download the detailed course book, which will provide you with the necessary course materials as you follow along with each video. Instead of lessons on case studies you will watch as Instructor, Gillian Marsollier uses her TCM foundations to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Throughout the course you will engage in quizzes, tests, and case studies of your own. There is also an audio component that will demonstrate how to take a thorough patient history.

Herbal Bootcamp

Taught by the amazing Carmen Bedard-Gautrais, this Bootcamp will take you through a unique, step-by-step study method to ensure that you have all of your necessary herbal exam requirements in your brain – no easy feat, but she certainly makes it look that way! It is undeniable that herbs has it’s own challenge of very detailed memorization. Say goodbye to the challenge as you study along with your instructor. By the end of this course, you will have all of the singular herbs and formulas cemented in your memory and you will know how to write your herbal exams for success

Master your correct formula applications and effective modifications to your TCM diagnosis!

This course includes:

  • 3-Step program to facilitate your mastery of single herbs.
  • 3-Step program to learning formulas.
  • Internal medicine overview, applying your formulas and single herbs in context.
  • Many templates at all levels of study to make memorization fun and effective!
  • A 200+ page detailed study guide.
  • Blank Templates and Quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • How to write your exam for success!

Bootcamp #2.5: Passing Alberta’s Practical Exam (or if you are a NL resident)

Description: If you plan to have a practice in Alberta you will have to pass the College and Association of Acupuncturists (CAAA) practical exam available once per year. This is a difficult exam with an average 30% pass rate. This online course consists of video after video that takes you through each station of the practical exam in great detail. By watching the videos you will learn exactly what the examiners are looking for. Each video is highly informative and designed to be watched repeatedly, or until you are comfortable with its material. Throughout the course if you have questions or comments you will have access to a course discussion board where you can interact directly with both Gillian and your course-mates. If you practice in Alberta, you will need to take this exam in addition to the October written exam, and January case study exam.

This course includes:

  • CNT stations
  • Needling station
  • Moxa on needle station
  • Fire cupping station
  • Point location station
  • Full timed station
  • Anatomical Landmarking demo
  • Exam tips and hints

The Fine Print:

Your Bootcamp #1 and Herbal Bootcamp Study Guides/full curriculums can be purchased for $9.99USD each using the links provided in the beginning of those courses.

Guaranteed Access To Online Courses:

Please note that you are guaranteed 100% access to the courses in your package until you pass your exams, once an e-mailed copy of your official letter stating a non-passing grade is provided.


Please note that the Live Bootcamp #1 workshop is $100 within the package.
-100% of live workshop tuition only ($100) refunded prior to 1 month before your city workshop date.
-50% of live workshop tuition only refunded ($50) 1 month before your city workshop date.
-0% of live workshop tuition refunded 2 weeks before your city workshop date.

-There are a minimum of 10 student registrations necessary for LIVE Bootcamp #1 to occur. If this minimum is not met, the student will be refunded 100% of their live workshop tuition ($100).



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