Bootcamp #1 – What Do You Need To Study?


This online course takes everything you learned in three years at school, and distills it down to what you really need to know. The purpose of this course is to fully prepare you for your written acupuncture exam and you own it for 8 months!

Prior to the course you will be purchasing the 120+ page study guide, which you will use as you follow along with the course videos. Throughout the course as you have questions and comments, use the Discussion Board to interact directly with Gillian as well as your fellow course-mates.

Your 120+ page study guide which includes study tips, memorization aids, charts, and more will immediately become your new best friend. You know how important it is to pass the exam the first time, and this bootcamp gets you there with confidence.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that all purchases are currently converted to USD. If you are Canadian, DO NOT WORRY, I will be refunding the USD exchange back to you within 24 hours, and you will see it back in your account within 3-5 business days, so the high exchange rates will NOT affect you.

Day 1 – What Do You Need To Study? A DETAILED Review

  • Register, receive 120+ page curriculum booklet in mail
  • Review of CTCMA/CAAA study guide
  • Suggested reference texts
  • Foundations
  • Syndromes, tongue, pulse
  • Point energetics and quick charts with study shortcuts
  • 4 pillars
  • Q&A (throughout course)

Day 2 – Continue Detailed Review

  • 6 Stages, 4 Levels, TE Diagnosis
  • Point energetics and quick charts with study shortcuts
  • Modalities/techniques
  • Safety course discussion
  • Fast tracking your memorization (throughout course)
  • Interpersonal skills, by-laws, ethics
  • Exam time management
  • Discuss template handouts for home study
  • Written exam case study breakdown instruction and practice
  • Learn how to break down written exam cases quickly and correctly
  • Take home mock exam + answer key to be completed BEFORE your studies
  • Q&A (throughout course)

The Fine Print:

Guaranteed Access To Online Courses:

Please note that you are guaranteed 100% access to this course until you pass your written exam, once an e-mailed copy of your official letter stating a non-passing grade is provided.

Your Bootcamp #1 Study Guide full curriculum can be purchased for $9.99USD using the link provided in your first course step, ‘Course Guidebook’.


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