Sometimes our students — and their instructors — can't help but gush about how useful LIFT has been to prepare them for their acupuncture exams. We've collected a few kind words below:

  • 100% amazing! I was heading into my practitioners course feeling like I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to move on. I had heard good things about this course and felt like a review was a good idea. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this course has helped me. This course was exactly what I needed to guide me through my studying before the big test!

    Bootcamp Student, 2018-2019
  • I want to pass my board exam on the first try and help people already! Had friends take this course before me and they both passed and said if not for this course, they would absolutely not have passed.

    Bootcamp 1 Student, 2017-2018
  • I wish I could have a teacher like you in the school!

    100% above and beyond.

    Better than the teachings in school! Relieving and reassuring.

    Motivation? My desire to pass with flying colours and positive reviews from previous students who took your course. 

    Motivation? Hearing from other students that have passed the exams in previous years, and how they used this course.

    If you are feeling stressed or nervous about the upcoming licensing exam and unsure what to start studying, TAKE THIS COURSE! It will help you in so many ways with tricks and tactics to help you do your best! It is worth your money and time!

    I am very happy to have finished the Lift Boot Camp. I found it incredibly helpful, and gave me a good idea for how to lay out my studies plus what to focus on. Gillian has a real gift in teaching and I loved her creative ways of memorizing information. Money well spent!

    The best. I love the enthusiasm that Gillian brings. It makes you remember things that you usually forget.

    I just wrote the acupuncture exam today. If I passed it was in great part due to my decision to invest in this program. Regardless, it gave me focus, calmed me down, provided many moments of insight and inspiration.

    *5 Stars


    Bootcamp 1 Students, 2017-2018
  • Great! Love all the detailed routines. Sarah is a wonderful presenter. Full of Heart and able to transmit her knowledge eloquently. Lot’s to take away here… The moxa refresh was awesome! It’s not often you get a chance to see salt and ginger moxa demo’d. The emotional theory relating the SI to stuck emotion and trauma, and body work related to it, is brilliant and echoed what was spoken about in the PTSD course. Finally, including specific focus on the diaphragm was also insightful, not only for menstrual issue, but in relation to breathing and autonomic regulation as well.

    Great Course!!! Valuable information and Techniques presented professionally.

    Tui Na and Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems and Infertility Student, 2018
  • I am very happy with this course and positively surprised by the quantity and quality of the materials. It is a very extensive, interestingly explained and well-arranged course.

    Why motivated you to join this course? In fact, it is a good price offer and a desire to supplement my knowledge so that I can support the treatment process of my patients.

    Chinese Dietary Therapy Student, 2018
  • This was a very extensive course. It was well organized and full of wonderful content. The quality of teaching was excellent. I was very impressed with the course content and material.

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2018
  • Very insightful. It really brought together Biomedical, TCM, 5 element and psychological perspectives.

    As I mentioned, the concept of emotional trauma lodging in the Fu organs was quite insightful. Inclusion of 5e constructs such as possession, AE and entry-exit blocks in treatment protocols is something that I have considered and experienced as beneficial in the past, however, this course brought deeper meaning as to why they are effective practice. Comparing the relationship between the TCM concept of the HD/KD connection and the biomedical HPA axis is perhaps the most obvious of concepts presented in the material, yet the way the author does it provided new insight into both diagnostic and treatment implications. Very impressed.

    Trauma/PTSD and Recovery in the Context of Chinese Medicine Student, 2018
  • The Biomedical Bootcamp is a well laid out program, providing an thorough over-view of all the necessary information. The layout alone allows for a great study and review. I found from just one run-through a lot of things stuck. I was even surprised when i completed the final test.

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2018
  • Which part of the course was most useful? “I can’t think of anything that was not useful… I really enjoyed having the answer sheets, and then videos, because sometimes just seeing the answer isn’t as good as knowing how she got the answer. And it is cumbersome, but extremely useful how complex and difficult the cases are, it really shows you where you need to improve, and helps you remember certain things for the upcoming exam.

    Bootcamp #3 Student, 2017-2018
  • “I always love taking Gillian’s courses, she gives you all necessary information and tools you need to be able to learn and review, find your weakness and correct them before the exam. Her information is always clear and to the point, with lots of detail for both the exam and clinical practice. I also really enjoy the fact that if I ever needed any clarification or had any questions about any material, I could email her and promptly receive a detailed response. I truly believe her bootcamps and courses are the best way to prepare for board exams, and would definitely recommend to anyone feeling anxious about them.

    Bootcamp #3 Student, 2017-2018
  • “If you are considering taking this course, do it! It streamlines studies like you wouldn’t believe. Everything is covered in a systematic way. You don’t ever have to wonder what you should be studying or where to go next, it’s amazing and saves a ton of time!

    Bootcamp #3 Student, 2017-2018
  • I really enjoyed this course! It provides in-depth information on how to heal patients via food and TCM. Gillian explains very well, so that you don’t even feel you’re studying. I can only recommend this course to anyone wanting to help themselves or their family or wanting to add this to their practice.

    Chinese Dietary Therapy Student, 2017
  • Thank you so much for the Acupuncture Bootcamps – they made a tremendous difference when exams days loomed (Oct 2016/ Jan 2017). Love that your courses helped me pass all of the Alberta exams first time! Cannot praise your Bootcamps enough.

    AB Bootcamps Student, 2016-2017
  • Most Useful Part of Bootcamp 1: Tough question. The bootcamp booklet was a great reference and helped me day to day. However, I’d have to say the videos. The ability to listen repeatedly, skip parts I wasn’t ready for and rewind & pause when I wanted to hear it again was the most useful.

    Bootcamp 1 Student, 2017-2018
  • “I just wrote the acupuncture exam today. If I passed it was in great part due to my decision to invest in this program. Regardless, it gave me focus, calmed me down, provided many moments of insight and inspiration.”

    Bootcamp 1 Student, 2017-2018
  • “This course is vital for anybody not clear on how to approach their studies for the acupuncture exam. I highly, highly, highly recommend it!

    Bootcamp 1 Student, 2017-2018
  • If you want to feel more confident at recognizing red flags in your clinic and when to refer out, as well as becoming familiar with common Western diseases and what Acupuncture can help with, take this course!

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2017-2018
  • I loved your review of the diseases and what they are which red flags to look for, as well as some easy ways to remember their names! The exam at the end was amazing too. I started off nervous like oh man, this is hard, but I really got into it and ended up with 80%! And that’s from me not looking at my notes or reviewing beforehand because I’m too busy with work right now!

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2017-2018
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I feel better equipped to deal with and recognize PTSD/Trauma in a patient.”

    “Very informative. I’m glad I can go back and refresh after I’ve completed each section as there is lots of information.”

    “I found the 3 channel circuit piece relating to trauma and the extraordinary vessel approach really sparked my interest when looking at deeper patterns and the flow or lack of flow in a system. I was reminded of Willhelm Reich”s body-mind work of Bioenergetics.”

    “Good and up to date biomedical information as well as thorough CM info and treatment strategies.”

    Trauma/PTSD in the Context of TCM Students, 2017
  • I am very happy to have finished the Lift Boot Camp. I found it incredibly helpful, and gave me a good idea for how to lay out my studies plus what to focus on. Gillian has a real gift in teaching and I loved her creative ways of memorizing information. Money well spent!

    Bootcamp #1 Student, 2017-2018
  • I really enjoyed bio med, I did it over the course of two months about 30 minutes a day. I feel very prepared to write my exams and to refer patients out in my practice.

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2017-2018
  • Course materials – Above and beyond! Better than the teachings in school!

    Bootcamp 1, 2017-2018 Student
  • If you are feeling stressed or nervous about the upcoming licensing exam and unsure what to start studying, TAKE THIS COURSE! It will help you in so many ways with tricks and tactics to help you do your best! It is worth your money and time!

    Bootcamp 1, 2017-2018 Student
  • I absolutely loved this course!  I found it full of information that I’ve been incorporating into my practice daily and also very inspiring.  The handouts were great.  Very succinct and easy to refer back to.  The teachers were incredible.  Very knowledgeable but also incredibly nice and open to any questions.  Altogether I would highly recommend it to anyone!

    Tui Na And Moxibustion For Menstrual Problems And Infertility, 2017 Student
  • I truly enjoyed Sarah’s workshop on Tui na & Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems & Fertility Issues.  Sarah is an excellent instructor and is extremely knowledgeable & approachable.  She explained the course material in an easy to follow manner & provided lots of demonstration.  The workshop included invaluable hands-on experience to practice tuina & moxa techniques and I was able to apply the information learned in my clinic setting right away.  I highly recommend Sarah Pritchard’s workshops and look forward to attending more in the future!

    Tui Na And Moxibustion For Menstrual Problems And Infertility, 2017 Student
  • I’m just so thankful that it was made for us! Like, so incredibly thankful! It was so well organized and I’m happy with how much I’ve learned!

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2017-2018
  • I want to rock my board exam, but really I want to rock at TCM, and this is a great start to becoming a kickass practitioner.

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student, 2017-2018
  • OMG! loved it so much! Gillian is hilarious (this was not boring at all!) and fantastic at finding ways to engage her students and really teach us in a way thats not by memorizing, but by really understanding!

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student 2017-2018
  • I enjoyed Gillian’s helpful tidbits on how she remembers certain western diseases, and the short stories of how she helped someone. It really paints a better picture about the disease and makes it more relatable.

    Biomedical Bootcamp Student 2017-2018
  • I found all your bootcamp courses very useful for the acupuncture exam and
    I told many students at my school about it. I love bootcamp 3 as it goes into 
    more complex cases and I find it made me much better analyzing cases in
    Bootcamp Student, 2016-2017
  • I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding prep-work you provided us with for the TCM Pan-Can Board Exam and I am pleased to tell you that our whole 5th year class at our college has passed. Yeeeeha! We are all super happy and are submitting our CTCMA / CTCMPAO as we speak.

    Your course allowed us to focus on the most relevant aspects of TCM for passing this board exam and it is worth every single dime. I would like to give you a big hug and thank you again for designing the TCM BootCamp so thoughtful, concise, interactive and fun.

    Bootcamp Student, 2016-2017
  • Even though I did very well in school, I was desperately unprepared for the reg exam. I would not have passed without the Lift formula. School and the exam are different beasts. As painful as the studying was at times, I feel like I understand TCM infinitely better than I did a year ago, thanks to you! I cannot imagine having done this without you/Lift.  Your information, insight, experience, knowledge, patience, generosity and fab sense of humour have been invaluable over the past year.

    Bootcamp Student, 2016-2017
  • I have been meaning to write to tell you how much of a bible your bootcamp book has been! I think it’s about to disintegrate it has been used/carried around/marked in/cried on (haha) so much! Truly, your teachings and workshop and this book have been a complete lifesaver, and I truly believe it is the reason I passed the first exam, and hopefully the second too! So thank you so very very much!

    Bootcamp Student, 2016-2017
  • I am so thrilled to report that I passed foundations this afternoon! I absolutely could not have done it without you. I kept hearing your voice in my head trying to decipher what to do and when. As well as using your five element approach to several of the case studies. You are a gifted and wonderful teacher and person! I will forever be grateful to you.

    NCCAOM Student, 2016
  • A Practical & Highly Worthwhile Course (5 Stars)

    Gillian Marsollier has another winner on her hands with this course. NOW WHAT? 2) SET UP FOR DAY ONE is a great course for newbie and established acupuncturists alike. It offers many tried and true strategies for feeling at ease in the clinic, as well as expanding one’s practice through effective marketing strategies and patient interactions.

    Gillian is an exceptional teacher with a skill for breaking things down into highly usable components. I gained many wonderful things from this course, but can’t speak highly enough about all of the templates that Gillian so generously provides. It takes so much time to create Intake Forms, Marketing Letters, Educational Pamphlets, etc. I can’t even begin to calculate how much time Gillian has saved me by providing these.

    I have now taken three of Gillian’s courses and can’t wait for the next one!

    Now What!? Set Up For Day One student
  • So much useful information… I found the just working at one clinic, not several, advice very pertinent, and helped me decide to do that. I found the goal setting super helpful, inspiring, and put my mind at ease having the 3 month plan. I found the packaging ideas great! So much good advice that we did not get in school!

    Now What?! Get The Job student
  • I wholeheartedly recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who plans to write their Pan-Canadian Board Exams. While I think that any practitioner wishing to brush up on their Foundations would benefit greatly from this course, I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who needs to pass their written exams.

    There is so much to know that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. This course really helped me zero in on what I needed to study in order to pass my exams. Gillian’s clear direction gave me confidence in my knowledge and ability to pass.

    Gillian has a skill for breaking complex topics down into manageable, understandable segments. Without a doubt,  she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I keep trying to convince her to move to Ottawa so that I can more easily study with her. No luck on that one so far. 😉

    Bootcamp 3 student
  • “I am sooo happy I got the herb bootcamp!!
    I LOVE the way she’s laid it out. Our class notes are great but way too overwhelming and I found I was studying different bits of information every time making it that much harder for myself. Excellent job in the content I’ve covered so far.”

    Herbal Bootcamp Student
  • The students I referred to you are gushing about you, and many of them want to take your boot camps all over again…

    AB Acupuncture instructor email
  • Gillian was my acupuncture instructor for three years. Her incredible style of teaching is like no other. Gillian is high energy, makes learning interesting, keeps your morale up, and is very encouraging and supportive. She is gifted, articulate, prompt, creative, and full of life. Gillian made learning a pleasure with her amazing spirit. She is not only a mentor but a friend and was a joy to have in my every day.

  • All of the students said your course was THE decisive factor in their confidence with the writing the reg exam.

    MacEwan Acupuncture Program Instructor
  • Thank you so much for helping us through this challenging experience. I am so grateful for your patience, attention to detail, and of course, humour!

    Bootcamp 1, 2, and 3 student
  • I was fortunate enough to have Gill as an Instructor for 3 years. Her knowledge and passion for TCM and Acupuncture shines, and is second to none. Gillian has a natural way of teaching, that makes learning easy, and boring…not a option. Her positive energy fills the room and I could not have done it without her. Thank you

  • This bootcamp is definitely recommended for a thorough exam preparation!

    Bootcamp 1, 2, and 3 student
  • This program is beyond valuable! I do, and have, highly recommended these weekends. Gillian has the ability to motivate and instill confidence for the exams. Thank you!

    Bootcamp 1, 2, and 3 student
  • Loved it. I was very grateful for the study pack over the course of the summer! Very worth taking.

    Bootcamp 1, 2, and 3 student
  • Very happy! I was able to focus my studies.

    Bootcamp 1, 2, and 3 student
  • Thanks again for creating a sensible road map for the board exam. I would have needed padded walls without them and would of struggled immensely without these guidelines.

    Vancouver Bootcamp Student, 2015-2016
  • As an NCCAOM practitioner in the States, I needed to re-take the board examinations when I moved to Canada.  I was out of school for 4 years!  These board review courses helped me conquer my deepest fears, by helping me synthesize all the wonderful knowledge from school into a practical, conquer all, approach.  No leaf was unturned.  I felt well prepared from these courses walking into the exam and confident walking out.  I can’t thank Gillian enough for her hard work and love into such an amazing board review course!

    Bootcamp 1, 2 and 3 student
  • Great Course, Fantastic Instructor. This course highlights the essential steps necessary to break down a range of cases from the simple to more complex. Gillian has created an easy to follow method that allows students/practitioners to become accurate, speedy and consistent with each and every case they see. Whether you are a student who is wanting to learn how to properly break down a case, or a seasoned practitioner hoping to refine diagnostic skills and create the best treatment protocol for their patients, this is the course for you.

    I personally did not learn type of case breakdown in school, and have benefited from using Gillian’s method. Using her techniques, even the most difficult cases become manageable. Having taken Gillian’s Board Exam Bootcamp, I can say that she has been the best instructor I have had to date!

    Bootcamp 3 (Cases Course) student
  • A fantastic course! I would highly recommend it. I found that it tied together all of the information that we learned at school and made it all the more relevant to clinic. It was all that the description promises and more. The instructor is incredible. She was always available to answer any questions we might have and did so in a very clear and easily understandable way. Paired with being a very engaging speaker and very knowledgable about chinese medicine made this course a joy to take. I look forward to taking classes with her again. Altogether loved it!!

    Bootcamp 3 (Cases course) student
  • Gillian’s courses are a must for anyone writing the boards!  I would like to take a moment and say thank you to Gillian for putting together this course. It really helped solidify and speed up my skills at breaking down a case study. She is also always right there answering any question you might have.

    I also highly recommend taking Gillian’s bootcamps to prep for the exam as her energy and enthusiasm is truly inspiring!!

    Bootcamp 3 (Cases course) student
  • Terrific course. Gillian is an incredible instructor and all of her course are well worth the money. Wish I had her during my studies!!!

    Bootcamp 3 (Cases course) student
  • I found the bootcamps some of the most beneficial teaching/learning experiences to help me get ready, not only for the exam, but for my future practice.

    Bootcamp 1, 2, and 3 student

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