How Your Acupuncturist Approaches Your Treatment

An Inside Look At TCM Case Studies

I’m sure that to those not in the field, acupuncture must seem like a peculiar field. Our methods are so incredibly different, even foreign, from Western medicine yet just as powerful in a distinctive way. Let’s take a closer look at how we discover the root of your imbalances, which will showcase why this powerful medicine has stood the test of time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is truly a (w)holistic medicine. We see the body as being fully interconnected, with each ‘energetic system’ dependent on the next. If one system isn’t functioning properly, it can throw the entire body out of balance. As an example, if you come into the clinic for anxiety – your headaches, digestive issue, or even your lower back pain might be the actual root culprit, as they are all energetically connected.

Let’s use some imagery to explain further. Imagine a willow tree on a hill with the sun shining down, and an occasional rain soaking its leaves and roots. These 5 elements – wood (tree/growth), earth (soil/nourishment), metal (fine rocks/structure), fire (sun/warmth), and water (rain/moisture) – are all dependent on each other.

If just ONE of them becomes excessive or deplete, the entire system suffers.
For example, if the rain stops and a drought ensues, this would cause the tree to die. Why? Well, the rain wouldn’t be able to moisten the soil, the soil would dry becoming deplete of nutrition and support, and the sun would increase this process tenfold due to the lack of rain not countering it’s heat.

Would you erect a blockade to obstruct the sun’s rays? Or add fertilizer to the soil in hope of nourishment reaching the roots? These approaches would be what we call treating the ‘branch’ issues, and they are only employable when used during extreme measures, such as a fire threatening to break out due to the dry conditions. But it will never resolve the root cause, which is the lack of rain.

This example is truly the basis of our powerful medicine as you have this same balance of energy inside. If one system goes out of balance, it will eventually create discord amongst the others.

Right at your first appointment, we are investigating for the root cause of your condition in a similar fashion to the above example. We look at many dependent factors to decide how to plan our treatment strategies, and help you create optimal health, by treating your root cause.

February 23, 2016

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