Tui Na And Moxibustion For Menstrual Problems And Infertility

This is an online pre-recorded course that you can watch at your own pace, as many times as you wish …


This is an online pre-recorded course that you can watch at your own pace, as many times as you wish for 2 years. 6.5 CEUs.

CEU Approvals (6.5 CEUS):

  • CAAA
  • CTCMA (Section B)


In this workshop for Acupuncturists, I hope to inspire you to use your hands as well as your needles and to rediscover the power and clinical effectiveness of Moxibustion.

I absolutely loved this course!  I found it full of information that I’ve been incorporating into my practice daily and also very inspiring.  The handouts were great.  Very succinct and easy to refer back to.  The teachers were incredible.  Very knowledgeable but also incredibly nice and open to any questions.  Altogether I would highly recommend it to anyone!

~2017 Student

Excellent course! Sarah is great and the videos very well recorded! Recommended 100%.

5 stars



~2020 Student

During this workshop you will:

  • Acquire simple, practical and effective Tui na routines and Moxa prescriptions for the most common women’s health issues
  • Be able to integrate these skills confidently into your current acupuncture practice
  • Experience alternative methods for accessing Qi and stimulating points
  • Improve your needling techniques and sensitivity
  • Improve palpation skills, bodywork confidence and experience the importance of therapeutic touch
  • Discover how to open, clear and dredge entire channels to guide Qi along the pathways
  • Learn techniques for releasing the 3 Jiao – sacrum/pelvis, chest/diaphragm and abdomen and how these relate to women’s health and fertility
  • Learn how and where to apply Moxa – rice grain Moxa, Moxa on ginger, and salt Moxa – for warming/moving stasis of Qi and Blood, drying dampness, resolving Phlegm and nourishing deficiency
  • Acquire Tui na and Moxibustion techniques for harmonising the menstrual cycle


“Most TuiNa courses work in a Yang style, encompassing a Yin aspect is fascinating, rewarding, powerful and effective. I’ve enjoyed this course very much and would recommend it to all practitioners. Thank you Sarah.”

5 Stars*****

~2018 Student

“I love Tui na and highly respect Sarah Pritchard. (She) is very experienced and has allot of knowledge. I loved that it had theory, practical, demonstration and notes.

5 Stars*****

~2019 Student


The workshop will be practical and you will need someone to practice on as you go though the course (this won’t be too hard to find!). I want to share with you key Tui na and Moxa techniques that you can integrate easily and naturally with acupuncture. The techniques that I find highly effective in the treatment of women’s health issues.

Using Tui na in clinic gives me flexibility in the treatment space. Entire channels can be opened, dredged and cleared. Important points that are sometimes too sensitive to be stimulated with the needle can be activated with thumbs or hands. The effect on the Qi is tangible to the patient, powerful but grounded and reassuring.

I use my hands on local areas significant to the movement of breath, Qi, Blood and emotion while distal needles are in place. Often I work in the sacrum, pelvis, chest and diaphragm. And always in the abdomen. Working in the abdomen with the patient’s breath I use pressing (An Fa), kneading (Rou Fa), vibrating (Zhen Fa) and rocking to release congestion, adhesion and knotted tense fascia.

In my experience menstrual and fertility problems often involve the unconscious storing of emotions which can damage the Blood and lead to congestion and tightening of the abdominal fascia. Accumulation and stagnation of Qi, Blood and pathogenic factors can lead to Zheng Jia (Concretions and Conglomerations) such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility and PMT. Working physically and energetically in the abdomen is a wonderful way to keep Qi and Blood flowing freely.

All acupuncture needling techniques have evolved from Chinese Massage therapy. Before needles, ancient shamans and healers used their hands and smouldering herbs like Moxa (mugwort), to stimulate points and channels to affect Qi, Blood and Shen. It’s unfortunate that Moxa is now rather underused in the West, as its therapeutic effects in clinic are impressive.

Tui na is the grandmother of all forms of bodywork that exist today. Both physical bodywork and subtle energy medicine, it’s broad and deep in its therapeutic range. Learning Tui na will bring new scope and inspiration to your practice and what’s more, patients love it!


We look forward to having you in the course, and we will see you there!


“I found the course very thorough and informative – well done!”

5 stars*****

~2018 Student

I truly enjoyed Sarah’s workshop on Tui na & Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems & Fertility Issues.  Sarah is an excellent instructor and is extremely knowledgeable & approachable.  She explained the course material in an easy to follow manner & provided lots of demonstration.  The workshop included invaluable hands-on experience to practice tuina & moxa techniques and I was able to apply the information learned in my clinic setting right away.  I highly recommend Sarah Pritchard’s workshops and look forward to attending more in the future!

~Silvia Vidas, Dr. TCM, 2017 Student








  • 720 Days
  • Course Certificate
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