Now What? 3) Be With Your Patient

Interacting with your patients is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your new job. This course will teach you how to engage with your patients every step of the way.


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*Important Update* 

Your Now What? 3) Be With Your Patient course is now on Pacific Rim College Online (PRCO). Click ‘take this course’ on the right to be directed to the new course as the LIFT version of this course is no longer available.

“Gillian is the best and I trust her advice. I thought this course would be good to take as I just got my licence. I feel that her courses have helped me to not only pass my exams, but feel more confident with what I have learned.

I liked the patient intake with Gillian’s thoughts on the screen. I like the section with western medications and the effects in terms of TCM. I also liked the section where Gillian had to answer tough questions that patients would ask.

style=”text-align: center;”>I enjoyed the course. I especially liked the stories you told from your clinical experience.”  5 stars*****

~2019 Student

“An indispensable course for the new practitioner!”

~2017 Student

The Ling Shu states that ‘the most effective treatments occur when the spirit of the practitioner connects with the spirit of the patient’.

Interacting with your patients is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your new job. This course will teach you how to engage with your patients every step of the way. In my opinion, this is the most important course in the ‘Now What!?’ series as the art of patient interaction can be the most difficult to learn but is also one of the most important.

“The entire course was excellent. Every time I clicked to a new unit I thought “yes, this is exactly what I need!”

~2017 Student

Live patient interviews will demonstrate how to go about taking a history, establishing a treatment plan, and conducting successful internal marketing. Learning how to effectively market your practice is a valuable tool in acquiring long-term patients. By watching this course’s many videos you will see examples of both effective and ineffective treatments and how they are different. You will also learn the proper way to go about working with patients on medications and supplements, as well as referring and inter-referring. This course will also guide you through treatment planning and compliance and provide you with the protocols you need to make your early days a success.

Course Objectives:

  • Do a faster clinical first intake and give a proper treatment in that same time frame.
  • Converse with the patient effectively, and understand how to deal with difficult patient personalities. There are very powerful tips in this section.
  • Choosing points on the first treatment when you are overwhelmed by the intake.
  • Feel more confident with your patients, treatment plans and that you are giving the best care you can at the stage you are at. One of the biggest keys to success!
  • Ineffective Treatments – how to deal with this when it happens (and it will!)
  • Medications/Supplements – yes, your patients will most likely be on one or both of these, and often many of each! How do you deal with this fact in clinic? How do you take pulse effectively when they are on medication?
  • Dealing with patient compliance. Learn when to push and when to let go.
  • Internal Marketing – why this is your most powerful form of marketing and how to do it.
  • Referring/Interfering – believe it or not, this can not only be the best thing for your patient, but it can also help to fill your clinic.
  • Plus many more golden nuggets of clinical tips!


Course Outline

• Patient Interviews
• Protocols/Research
• Being With Your Patient
• Ineffective Treatments
• Patience And Deeper Marketing
• Medications/Supplements
• Treatment Planning/Compliancy
• Referring/Inter-Referring
• Summary/Part 4 Course Outline



“A lot of golden nuggets we were not taught in school.”

I liked the whole thing. It was important to cover everything. That said, I particularly enjoyed the way you underscored everything that you thought was truly vital we know/implement.”

5 Stars!*****

~2017 Students

“As a new TCMP starting a home business, this course has answered questions and also started to help me correct my clinical practice (bad habits about over helping and not keeping to time, etc) that were leaking in from day 1.”

“Gillian’s courses have all been great and I do not have a mentor to spend the time that would be needed to help a start up practitioner. I knew I needed the help, inspiration and experience-based communication (with humour) that Gillian provides.

5 Stars*****

“Most useful part of course? “How to speak with clients effectively: from intake to the blurb to treatment plan and internal marketing. How to direct chatty people, how get just ‘get them on the table’. And different medication effects on energetics/ pulse… 5 stars!

5 Stars*****

~2018 Students

Very impressed with the topics covered! This has helped stream-line flow in my clinic and the impressive amount of important tid-bits has really helped boost my confidence. The spiritual challenges were wonderful! Also, live examples of how to talk to our patients and other practitioners is very inspiring.”

5 Stars*****

~2020 Student


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  1. Practical & Professional Guidance


    Gillian is a master at providing helpful and applicable information. No matter how great our schooling was, nothing beats years of clinical experience. This course offers volumes of the clinical insights that it took Gillian years to accrue. Some modules reinforced my knowledge and/or opinions, while others offered new insights that I had yet to consider.

    Gillian’s teaching style is highly informative, but also vastly entertaining. It not only helps me to enjoy the learning process, but also to better retain the information being disseminated. I am already looking forward to Gillian’s next course–and the many others that I hope will follow it.

  2. What Now Part III


    Well worth it! This course helped me prior to day 1 and on day 1. I will use these techniques forever. Gillian has truly filled a need for prepping for practice after graduating from school. Thank you Gillian.

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