Now What? 1) Get the Job

Now that you’ve passed your Acupuncture board exams it’s time to get down to business. That means finding a job. Up until now your education has been about treating the patient, but how do you go about finding your dream job? On sale until Aug.31, 2016!


This course can be used for CEUs in Canada. 


Join the bundle and save! Parts I-III of this course come with a great deal when purchased together. Great to take you through all of stages of starting clinic – from Getting the Job, to Setting Up your Practice, to Doing your Practice! You can click here to join the bundle: Now What? Series Bundle

This is the first of a 4-part mini-series provides you with the missing information that most colleges don’t teach. Most new graduates say that they feel mildly prepped to put needles in patients once college is complete, but then feel thrown to the wolves when it comes to starting and creating a thriving business, both through logistics and patient interactions.


Here is some recent student feedback:

“So much useful information… I found the just working at one clinic, not several, advice very pertinent, and helped me decide to do that. I found the


goal setting super helpful, inspiring, and put my mind at ease having the 3 month plan. I found the packaging ideas great! So much good advice that we did not get in school!‘”

This course is wonderful for someone who isn’t sure where they want to work once they’ve finished school and have completed their board exams. Most useful? 1. The insight into mentorship vs. apprenticeship. 2.Expenses section. 3. The different clinic styles (I hadn’t considered a cruise ship). 4. Areas to negotiate in contracts.”

“This course is a great way to settle the nerves of entering a new field. A lot of information on how/where to get started. I didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice but this course was like having a friend guide the way.

5 stars *****

~2019 Students


This online course is designed to help you find your dream Acupuncture position. You will learn how to search for the right job and conduct yourself during the interview. Instructor, Gillian Marsollier will guide you through establishing your rates, creating packages, and arriving at fair commissions and flat rates. You will also be introduced to how to properly interpret a legal contract.

Course Outline

  • Choosing Your Clinic
  • How To Interview
  • The Contract
  • Know Your Expenses
  • Setting Your Fees
  • Summary/Part 2 Course Outline

*Please note that this course is NOT for any students looking to start their own clinic from scratch. Instead, you can check out the starting your acupuncture business from scratch course by Darren Tellier B.A., D.TCM, .R.Ac.. It is coming soon, so please check back!

Here is the full series of courses, so please check back soon for the others:

1) Now What? Get The Job

2) Now What? Set Up For Day 1

3) Now What? Be With Your Patient

4) Now What? Refine Your Skills

You own this course for 2 years – so go to it!

“It was excellent. I think that you have another winner on your hands. Even if you provided nothing else from this course, the templates that you share would make the course feel worth it many times over. To have something tried and true to adapt to our own purposes is amazing. Some things, I might not have even realized I could benefit from; other things have saved me bucket loads of time.

Incredibly thoughtful and informative.”

I loved it, so grateful!!”


“I want to get as good as I can as quickly as I can. Well. At the very least, I want to feel like a more advanced practitioner. It is silly not to benefit from all learning opportunities that could make me a better practitioner and advance my quality of patient care. This course, in particular, appealed to me because it offers a lot of practical client start-up/upgrade protocols that are rarely taught in college. I also really like your teaching style and dedication to facilitating student learning. I plan to take just about all of your courses that I think would be of benefit to me as a practitioner. :-)”

“Thank you. A million times, thank you!

“Great, it was so helpful to help me get started with the forms too.”

Thank you for lighting my way!!

~2017 Students

I really really liked how throughout the course you kept giving us pep talks, acknowledging that we might be scared and nervous starting off! Good to know this is normal!”

Covered a lot, I did not realize there was so much work involved in setting fees etc.”

“I liked this course and I plan on referring back to it later. It really helped me to figure out what I want from my acupuncture jobs in the future and it asked questions that I didn’t even think about.”

“Amazing. More than I was expecting.”

*****5 stars

~2018 Students

Up to your Expectations? Yes, and more. Covers all area of the thinking through the process of getting started in this career. Teacher’s own experiences seem solidly qualified her to give this course. I feel the pressing need to get started in the career, yet I would like to know every details before starting… I am thinking that at one point I will just have to jump in…”

*****5 stars

“Very well put together! All of Gillian’s courses are so good, but I loved this one! Helped me get my head back in the game and ready to find a job!”
*****5 stars

~2019 Students



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  1. Fantastic Advice


    Gillian’s course goes through so much that is so important when first starting out! Invaluable advice from start to finish, and thank you for the templates and “homework” to force me to get organized!

  2. Now What


    Gillian presents much useful information for TCM beginnings. Much appreciated.

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