Now What? 2) Set Up For Day One

CEU Approvals (4 CEUS): CAAA CTCMA (Section B) CTCMPAO *Important Update*  Your Now What? 2) Set Up For Day One …


CEU Approvals (4 CEUS):

  • CAAA
  • CTCMA (Section B)

*Important Update* 

Your Now What? 2) Set Up For Day One course is now on Pacific Rim College Online (PRCO). Click ‘take this course’ on the right to be directed to the new course as the LIFT version of this course is no longer available.

This is the second of a 4-part mini-series that provides you with the missing information that most colleges don’t teach. Most new graduates say that they feel mildly prepped to put needles in patients once college is complete, but then feel thrown to the wolves when it comes to starting and creating a thriving business, both through logistics and patient interactions.

This course really helped me in the beginning stages of my business. I used Gillian’s advice on setting my prices at appropriate amounts. I also have and love my business logo from the


company she recommended, and it was inexpensive! Take this course if you feel like you’re floundering and don’t know where to start!

~2021 Student

A Practical & Highly Worthwhile Course (5 Stars)

“Gillian Marsollier has another winner on her hands with this course. NOW WHAT? 2) SET UP FOR DAY ONE is a great course for newbie and established acupuncturists alike. It offers many tried and true strategies for feeling at ease in the clinic, as well as expanding one’s practice through effective marketing strategies and patient interactions. Gillian is an exceptional teacher with a skill for breaking things down into highly usable components. I gained many wonderful things from this course, but can’t speak highly enough about all of the templates that Gillian so generously provides. It takes so much time to create Intake Forms, Marketing Letters, Educational Pamphlets, etc. I can’t even begin to calculate how much time Gillian has saved me by providing these.

I have now taken three of Gillian’s courses and can’t wait for the next one!”

~2016 Student

During this course, you will receive a huge number of invaluable templates and ready-to-go forms that you can use for everything from intake forms, charts, power points for presentations, ads, patient info forms, newsletters, and more. You will probably still be using the forms that you receive during this course years later! While watching the videos that make up this course, you will be introduced to marketing, strategic packaging specials, and network basics that will prove to be the foundation of your clinic’s success.

Why don’t you learn this in college? I HAVE NO IDEA! So, here it is:

Course outline

  • Pre-Made Forms
  • Strategic Packaging Specials
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Charting
  • ‘The Blurb’
  • I Am Nervous, Any Tips?
  • Summary + Part III Course Outline

“Thank you. A million times, thank you!”

~2016 Student

Here is the full series of courses:

1) Now What? Get The Job

2) Now What? Set Up For Day One

3) Now What? Be With Your Patient

4) Now What? Refine Your Skills

You own this course for 2 years – so go to it!


I loved it, so grateful!!”

“Incredibly thoughtful and informative.”

Thank you for lighting my way!!

Most Useful Parts of Course: “Fee structure and packaging ideas, expense templates (ALL the templates!)”

~2016-2017 Students

“Really great, succinct discussions of how to make your clinic a success – for your clients, financially and even for you to reduce your stress levels while you learn the ‘business’ of acupuncture. I’m starting my own practice out of the gate and I need good time-tested guidance that is hard to find and since I have loved all of Gillian’s courses (for Pan Canadians) there was no question that I would take this course.”

“Great insight details. Thank you for sharing your invaluable experiences and wisdom.

I love all the hand outs, having a lawyer review consent form for my first day of practice is amazing…  the blurb, pre-made forms, marketing, and charting. I was never taught to chart like a lawyer and I did scratch out stuff in student clinic.”

*****5 stars

~2018 Students

“The course is really good, helps you navigate the marketing waters of “What should I do? Can I do that? No.. No don’t do that…I especially found useful the packages, blurb, and write-ups that I can modify because that sparks creativity.”

4 stars****

“Very clear, organized and helpful. Already working in a busy practice, but wanted to feel fully prepared for getting a career going and like to gather ideas, tips, and info so as not to recreate the wheel.”

*****5 stars

~2020 Student


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  1. really great information for starter


    Thank you so much for your great great advice. I hope I had learn them before I started my practice, I could had save a lot of money and time and stress. Thank you, Gillian.

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