Now What? 4) Refine Your Skills

Have you ever wanted to increase your speed and accuracy of diagnosis? Not only that, but guarantee results with your …


Have you ever wanted to increase your speed and accuracy of diagnosis?

Not only that, but guarantee results with your patient before they even leave the treatment room?

Or, learn how to use pulse to show you your results, in real time?


Have a watch below to see what you will learn in your new online course:


I loved it and recommended it to a few of my fellow acupuncturists. I liked how it was a complete overview of how to get to a diagnosis and went over a lot of things that I never heard of during my years at (my college).”

5 stars*****

~2019 ‘Refine Your Skills’ Student


Almost everything that you need to know is written right on your patient’s body, in their voice, word choices, odour, movements, pulse and even the general energy that they hold. We skim over parts of this in college to pass those exams, but now I would like to take you on a deep dive on how to really use these skills and more… fast.



point of this course is not to help you be a practitioner that just moves through patients quickly without taking the proper time. It is more so that you can have a multi-point diagnostic check system so that your diagnoses are much more accurate and your results are guaranteed. This process becomes so fast after awhile of using these techniques, that you will find yourself diagnosing your patient (accurately) within minutes or less!


Just passed my exams and feel overwhelmed with getting started. Most useful? Pulse without a master, needle order, tonification/reduction techniques demo. Very useful. Just need to work on getting clients now so I can start making people feel better!!”

~2019 ‘Refine Your Skills’ Student


In this course, we will explore (click on ‘curriculum’ to see more detail!):


  • Sensing – preparing yourself to sense and accurately feel the energy in the room
  • Listening – for voice inflections and word choices
  • Smelling – with fun challenges to help you hone this skill
  • Palpation – using diagnostic points, meridian palpation and pulse to get your results
  • Observation – learning what to look for on the body in order to make a rapid diagnosis
  • Pulse Without A Master – yes, you can learn pulse on your own, and here is how!
  • Refining Your Needling Techniques – there are so many small techniques to learn for a more powerful treatment, that gets better results. We will learn them here!
  • How To Know When A Treatment Is Finished And That Results Are Happening – right in front of your eyes!
  • **Full Patient Demo** Putting It All Together For A Successful Treatment – full patient demo to show you how quick this method of diagnosis can be (and how deep it can go)


This course is FULL of demos so that you can observe your new skill-set the entire way through!

I look forward to helping you refine your skills and increase your clinical confidence and accuracy. I can’t wait to see you there!


It was well thought out and planned. I really liked the detail that went into each section and how it flowed together. I loved the guide book that came with the course. I really enjoyed all of the content. It felt like being back in the classroom with Gillian.”

“Another excellent course by Gillian. This is my third course and I will definitely be back for more. I really appreciate the quality of film production that eliminates the typical distractions of a filmed workshop. The workbooks are very well organized and valuable references that I use time and again.”

~2019  Students



*A giant thank you to Kingtide Films for this beautiful videography, and to Liza Couse for your brilliant editing.


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    What an amazing teacher! Highly recommended & ideal course for a newly qualified practitioner- I learned skills that weren’t taught on my degree course – to help me diagnose more efficiently and provide more effective treatments, thank you 🙂

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