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*Important Update*  Your Herbal Bootcamp course is now a brand new course on Pacific Rim College Online (PRCO)! This incredibly …


*Important Update* 

Your Herbal Bootcamp course is now a brand new course on Pacific Rim College Online (PRCO)! This incredibly comprehensive PRCO course has all of your updated herbs and formulas and over 2000 practice digital flashcards. Click ‘take this course’ on the right to be directed to the new course as the LIFT version of this course is no longer available.


This ultimate Chinese Herbal study guide will allow you to master your singular herbs, formulas, internal medicine and exam writing techniques, hints and tips in this Herbal Bootcamp. Let us take the challenging study of Chinese herbal medicine and break it down for you in a clear, easy-to-use study format. In addition, you own this bootcamp for 10 months! 

<———– Please click ‘curriculum’ on the left to view each unit in this course, and to access to some free sample videos!


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Here is what a couple of Herbal Bootcamp students are saying:

Excellent. Very detailed and thorough. an excellent guide for how to study a HUGE subject. Registered due to recommendations from colleagues.”

5 stars*****

~2019 Herbal Bootcamp Student

“I am sooo happy I got the herb bootcamp!!
I LOVE the way she’s laid it out. Our class notes are great but way too overwhelming and I found I was studying different bits of information every time making it that much harder for myself. Excellent job in the content I’ve covered so far.” 

Taught by the amazing Carmen Bedard-Gautrais TCMP, RPT, this Bootcamp will take you through a unique, step-by-step study method to ensure that you have all of your necessary herbal exam requirements in your brain – no easy feat, but she certainly makes it look that way! It is undeniable that herbs has it’s own challenge of very detailed memorization. Say goodbye to the challenge as you study along with your instructor. By the end of this course, you will have all of the singular herbs and formulas cemented in your memory and you will know how to write your herbal exams for success.

Your Herbal Bootcamp Study Guide full curriculum (over 200 pages as it contains all that you need to know and is interactive) can be purchased for $9.99USD using the link provided in your first course step, ‘Course Guidebook’. This cost just covers printing and shipping pretty much exactly!

Master your correct formula applications and effective modifications to your TCM diagnosis!

This course includes:

  • 3-Step program to facilitate your mastery of single herbs.
  • 3-Step program to learning formulas.
  • Internal medicine overview, applying your formulas and single herbs in context.
  • Many templates at all levels of study to make memorization fun and effective!
  • A 200+ page detailed study guide.
  • Blank Templates and Quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • How to write your exam for success!

Please see our new exam designation student rate packages. Now you can take all the bootcamps you need for exam success, at a low student rate. Let us take the worry out of your studies, and help you pass – the first time!


“Excellent! This course helped me fill in quite a few gaps from my TCM schooling in herbs. Exactly what I was searching for. I found it all really valuable.”

“So much more (than expected). Amazing. (studying for Dr. TCM)

5 stars*****

~2018-2019 Herbal Bootcamp Student



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  1. 5

    A very long and thorough course, although the material is amazing! I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who will be taking the herbal exam. I am an Albertan TCM practitioner so I didn’t need to take a herbal exam, but I wanted to make sure I knew my herbs well. This course definitely did the trick! Thank you!

  2. Excellent Course!


    I feel very confident going into my RTCMP exam. This course helps to distill the important aspects of a very big area of study!

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