Chinese Dietary Therapy

Practitioners – Gain 13 CEUs and a certificate at the end of your course! CEU Approvals: CAAA CTCMA (Section B) …


Practitioners – Gain 13 CEUs and a certificate at the end of your course!

CEU Approvals:

  • CAAA
  • CTCMA (Section B)
  • IONC

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Holistic Nutrition is powerful. Add in Chinese Dietary theories, and it is masterful.

Finally, a Chinese Dietary course brought into modern day! In this course, we will look at understanding ancient foundational TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theories and Chinese Dietary therapy while updating it to present time so that your dietary modifications are more powerful and effective with your patients, friends, family, and you.

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“…this was an excellent course with a wealth of valuable information. The guidebook alone is phenomenal.” 2017 Ontario Student

This was the most popular course that I taught at Acupuncture colleges, and I am thrilled to be able to offer it to a wider audience. The more we all learn about prevention, the healthier and happier we all can be!

“It makes a difference when you can eat healthy and with confidence. I’ve been overwhelmed with all the different health foods and diets that are being marketed to us these days. Chinese Dietary Therapy teaches simplicity in food and cooking so you can truly feel good about what you eat and confident that it is the right food for you. I look forward to using this technique with clients in the future and especially in my own kitchen.” 

2017 Student

*Please note that this course is for both practitioners and the public. Whether you are an Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, other health care provider, or are just taking this for general interest to help you and your family, this course will equip you with what you need to understand energetic imbalances and get results with diet.

“I was very impressed with the clarity of TCM methods.”

Gillian is an excellent teacher! She explains everything in a way that is easily understood and she relates things to real life. She is also funny and makes the information enjoyable.”

“I enjoyed the course very much. Especially the shopping trip. I like watching the videos. Gillian is a great teacher.”

~2017 Students

Course Objective

 An integral part of most natural therapies is nutrition – also referred to as ‘food cures’. Since food is one of our primary sources of energy, it has a great potential to influence our health. In order to utilize the power of food we must understand its nature and function.

In this course, we will look at it in accordance with the Chinese view of nutrition, brought into modern day. Within this view, foods have their own specific temperature, flavour, and action, as well as affinities for certain organs. When these qualities are understood, dietary therapy can be applied to very specific disorders.

Over the years, I have seen the power of nutritional adjustments with patients, but one of the key areas has always been understanding what temperature and energetic of food the individual patient needs, as well as strong attention to the energy of their digestive organs.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  • Apply the TCM base knowledge to anyone.
  • Understand how to strengthen digestive energy in TCM and why it is so important.
  • Recognize which food groups will help various constitutions, and apply Chinese nutritional concepts.
  • Apply dietary advice to match thermal and energetic imbalances, and commonly seen conditions.
  • And, much more!

Course Outline 

  • TCM Introduction – Foundations: Yin/Yang, 8 Principles, Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids, Your Jade Screen.
  • Thermal Natures of Food – Cold, cool, neutral, warm and hot foods. This is not actual temperature; rather it is the energetics of the food. A key aspect in TCM Dietary and is what helps make this style of nutrition so powerful.
  • Energetics of Food – Why does it matter if the nature of the food is: bitter, pungent, salty, sweet or sour? We will learn to apply these concepts to individual constitution.
  • TCM and Digestive Energy – In TCM, we say that there is no point in adjusting food for a patient if the digestion isn’t strong. Otherwise, the ‘perfect’ diet will not be absorbed! Our investigation starts here. First, strengthen the digestion (if needed) using diet; second, match their diet to their individual constitution to improve their overall health.
  • Understanding Individual Imbalances + Food Group Energetics – In order to choose the correct foods to help with healing, you must understand how to recognize general imbalance. Once you do this, then you can choose which foods will help to heal!
  • A Trip to the Grocery Store – To really cement these ideas, we will take a walk through the grocery store to discuss various foods.
  • Western Foods In The Modern Day – In reality, we want to use foods that our patients will actually EAT; otherwise compliancy is very low. We will look at the most common ‘Western’ foods and their natures and we will update that to reflect the food of modern day.
  • Internal Medicine – Here we will look at how to use Chinese Dietary Therapy with common imbalances such as high blood pressure, digestive issues, cough, common cold, fibromyalgia, emotional stress, and many more.
  • Recipes – A few key recipes in your clinical arsenal will go a long ways with patient compliance. Here we will talk about some common and easy to create Chinese Dietary dishes.
  • Practical Usage in the Modern Day Clinic – It is one thing learning how to adjust diet, it is another thing for the patient to actually FOLLOW what you say! Here we will discuss many tips on patient compliancy. There are little secrets to get the most out of their treatment plan.
  • Case Examples – No TCM course is complete without some tangible case examples. Let’s have a look at how these concepts really look in a clinical setting.

You can click on ‘curriculum’ to see more detail about what you will be learning. Be sure to click on the ‘Free’ lessons so that you can get a sense of the course.

This course will change your life and how you see health forever!

*You will own this course for 2 years so that you can watch as many times as you need. Welcome!

“I really enjoyed this course! It provides in-depth information on how to heal patients via food and TCM. Gillian explains very well, so that you don’t even feel you’re studying. I can only recommend this course to anyone wanting to help themselves or their family or wanting to add this to their practice.”

~2017 Student

“I am very happy with this course and positively surprised by the quantity and quality of the materials. It is a very extensive, interestingly explained and well-arranged course. In fact, it is a good price offer and a desire to supplement my knowledge so that I can support the treatment process of my patients.”

“I always have studied nutrition and find it most challenging with all the variety. I now understand my constitution and what foods I was craving for what reasons. Food has gone through so much modification since the 80’s that this course is a MUST for those looking for answers to reclaim their wellness from within. I see so many people eating raw food and suffering from malnutrition, tiredness, fatigue and even exhaustion, knowing your body constitution is so important to eat the right food for your uniqueness. Excellent Course!

“It was awesome! Loved it! Love the way Gillian teaches and the info was so great.”

5 stars*****

~2018 Students


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  1. Inspiring


    Gillian’s ability to relay this information is nothing short of brilliant! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her sharing of clinical experiences invaluable. SO well worth the time as she has condensed years of learning into hours, in a way that is not overwhelming and nearly immediately usable 🙂

  2. Chinese Dietary Therapy


    What a fantastic course! Extremely well organized and presented, with useful reference materials and an excellent textbook. As an RHN without acupuncture/other TCM training this was an exciting new way of looking at how foods heal.
    Kathy (Oakville, On)

  3. Chinese Dietary Therapy


    Great information and presented in a easy to understand and interesting format. Thank you!

  4. Chinese Dietary Therapy Part I


    What else to say but WOW. Gillian is an amazing teacher. SO generous and ‘Enthuse’ like she says. Dynamic, she breakdown the information to make it even more ‘digestible’ …

    Already had a good knowledge of that amazing branch of TCM (Nutrition) but this class brought lots of new ways of seeing it and new informations as well.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this class to whoever wants to understand what is going on in our plates or to help others do the same.

    ** PART II .. coming soon ? 🙂

    Thanks for those 12 hours who are so valuable .


  5. Gillian engages you through out the entire course


    I took a similar class years ago with a different instructor and hands down Gillian rocked this class!!
    Her enthusiasm and knowledge keep you motivated and craving to keep learning more and more and more.

  6. Chinese Dietary Therapy


    Gillian is an amazing instructor that always makes learning a pleasure. Her courses are well organized and professional! She is passionate about what and how she teaches and its shines through in her courses.

  7. Great introduction to TCM food therapy


    Excellent, thorough, and practical. A great start for those new to TCM food therapy and a great review for practitioners.

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