Bootcamp #2 – Do You Know What You Think You Know?

For both Acupuncture and TCM.P. students, this online course is best taken around one month before both of your exams. Meant to be taken after Bootcamp #1, the purpose of Bootcamp #2 is to find out the last areas that you will need to focus on before your exams, and you own this course for 8 months!


*Important Update* 

Your Bootcamp 2 course is now on Pacific Rim College Online (PRCO) and is called TCM Quizzes & Exams Bootcamp! Your new course has over 2000 questions in the exact same format as your board exams. Tonnes of quizzes and full exams timed to the actual length of your board exams. Click ‘take this course’ on the right to be directed to the new course as the LIFT version of this course is no longer available.


For both Acupuncture and TCM.P. students, this online course is best taken around one month before both of your exams. Meant to be taken after Bootcamp #1, the purpose of Bootcamp #2 is to find out the last areas that you will need to focus on before your exams, and you own this course for 10 months!

<———– Please click ‘curriculum’ on the left to view each unit in this course, and to access to some free sample videos!

Throughout this course you will take practice


test after practice test that will cover a wide range of topics with many of them having video answer keys so you can see how to get to the answer. The goal is to identify the areas you still need to study.


 “A friend suggested I join this course. It was wonderful, very helpful, motivating and I especially found the case studies useful. Thank you so much, Gillian.”

5 stars *****

~Bootcamp Student, 2020

“Well constructed. I loved the feedback after each test to help you see what you are weak in. Former students said they would not have passed without taking this course. I 100% agree.

“Above and beyond. Best videos ever. Love the added support and humor :)”

“I didn’t feel I learned enough in school. This course was very thorough and I enjoyed the material in a whole new way.”

5 stars *****

~Bootcamp Students, 2019

“Amazing! Every piece of information and material was helpful and encouraging. It helped keep me grounded in my work and my schedule.

5 stars *****

~Bootcamp Student, 2018

“Gillian made the material fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this course to any student who has to write the boards.

5 stars *****

 ~Bootcamp Student, 2017

Throughout the course you are invited to take your questions and comments to the discussion board, where you can interact directly with Gillian (everything but herbal questions) or Carmen (all of your herbal questions) and your fellow course-mates. This Bootcamp is an invaluable experience for finding the holes in your knowledge before the exams so that you can pass it the first time.


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Bootcamp 2 – Do You Know What You Think You Know?

  • Case study practice exams with video answer keys
  • Over 15 testing stations covering everything from your foundations to points to advanced case studies. You name it and it is examined!
  • Everything examined from Acupuncture to Herbs (Herbal exams coming very soon)
  • New quizzes and tests being added all the time!
  • Full of video answer keys
  • Two, 100-question mock exams with answer keys
  • Exam hints, tips and a pep talk
  • Add any questions you may have to the discussion board
  • Check out the free units first to see what you are in for 😉

Excellent course to take to get lots more practice on your knowledge of TCM and to get an idea what areas you need to work on more so you do well on the board exam.”

5 stars *****

“Very helpful and comprehensive. Loved the mix of various types of questions and explanations.

5 stars*****

Superb. So well done.”

5 stars*****

Amazing. Very thorough.”

5 stars*****

~Bootcamp Students, 2018-2019

The course was very challenging but leaves you with a realistic impression of where your weak areas are, what exactly you need to work on, and definitely prepares you for the future! Whether it be for the board exam or in clinical practice as a brush up. AS ALWAYS… anything where you can see Gillian breaking down the cases (is the most useful). I learn better from listening, so it always seems to make more sense when you break it down aloud vs me reading it.”

5 stars*****

This course was a good reality check. Things seem to jump out as Gillian explains them. Lots of “OOOOHHHHH!” moments. I’ve studied for the past 4 months and was feeling pretty good but this course pointed out weak areas that need revisiting. I’m grateful to find these areas NOW rather than IN the exams.”  

5 stars***** 

“Excellent. I’m absolutely petrified of the exam, and all my friends recommended it. Super helpful in directing and focusing my studies.

5 stars***** 

~Bootcamp Students, 2020

The Fine Print:

Guaranteed Access To Online Courses:

Please note that you are guaranteed 100% access to this course until you pass your exams, once an e-mailed copy of your official letter stating a non-passing grade is provided

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