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CEU Approvals (28 CEUS): CAAA CTCMA (Section B) CTCMPAO   FINALLY, your biomedical bootcamp is here! Purchasing a Bootcamp Bundle? – …


CEU Approvals (28 CEUS):

  • CAAA
  • CTCMA (Section B)


FINALLY, your biomedical bootcamp is here!

Purchasing a Bootcamp Bundle? – Biomedical Bootcamp is available AT CHECKOUT for only $90 for those purchasing a bootcamp bundle. Already purchased a bundle and didn’t take advantage of this offer? No problem! Email us under ‘contact’ and we will send you a discount code to allow you to enjoy this course for the $90 price.

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“Loved it so much! Gillian is hilarious (this was not boring at all!) and fantastic at finding ways to engage her students and really teach us in a way thats not by memorizing, but by really understanding!” 

style=”text-align: center;”>5 stars*****

~2017-2018 Bootcamp Student

“The creation of this course is a MASSIVE undertaking!! SO well organized and masterfully delivered!! From the perspective of both a practitioner and now student (long story), this is for sure the course that EVERY (TCM) BODY needs!”

5 stars*****

~2018-2019 Bootcamp Student

If you are about to write your exams, you know that Biomedicine has become a very large and an incredibly important part of them. BUT, what has been frustrating has been knowing exactly WHAT to study. AND, once you kind of figure out what to study, then it is… ‘WHAT? THAT MUCH?! I don’t have time to put that information together!’

Hence, the birth of biomedical bootcamp (the most requested course from you).

In addition, I would say that during a typical week in clinic, I refer anywhere from 2-10 patients to their primary care physician in order to look into their symptom-set a bit further. We NEED to learn our red flags for diseases so that our patients are receiving the best care possible. There are many cases where TCM is just not the best, immediate route of treatment. It is true that we are helpful in all cases that come to our clinic, but sometimes that is just managing symptoms or alleviating side effects of medications, surgeries or of chronic diseases that are very difficult to treat.

I really enjoyed bio med, I did it over the course of two months about 30 minutes a day. I feel very prepared to write my exams and to refer patients out in my practice.” 

5 stars*****

~2017-2018 Bootcamp Student

I am excited to let you know that, in addition to myself, 3 dedicated instructors helped contribute to this course:

  1. Dana Clarkson B.Sc.N. (Western Diseases) – Dana entered her nursing program on a prestigious scholarship and achieved her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She was the student-dean liaison for 3 years, and specializes in Critical Care nursing. Her knowledge and high work ethic for this course are truly formidable.
  2. Brittany Montague B.Sc.N (Pharmacology) – Brittany brings her Bachelor of Science in Nursing knowledge to this program, in addition to her extra experience and education in Emergency and Critical Care Assessment. She also has over 5 years of volunteer experience in both hospice and as a medical first aid responder. Brittany’s clear and ‘to the point’ teachings will cut through any confusion you may have in the subject of Pharmacology!
  3. Sara Bjorkquist (143 Illnesses) -Sara is a health care professional with experience in both policy and practice.  She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Ontario universities, and a Diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific Rim College in British Columbia.  After a decade living overseas and working for the United Nations in the health and environmental policy fields, she has now settled in Victoria, BC and is a practicing acupuncturist, researcher, writer, and organic gardener.
  4. Jeff Feltmate (Herbal Formulas + Modifications in 143 TCM Illnesses) – Jeff is as a Registered TCM Practitioner within an integrated health clinic located in Victoria, BC. He loves introducing people to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and helping them learn more about this amazing system of healing. He is our herbal wizard and the incredible instructor answering your discussion board questions in great detail within herbal bootcamp!

“Excellent. I credit this course to passing my pan-canadians… the first time (I did!).

5 stars*****

~2018-2019 Bootcamp Student

“I want to rock my board exam, but really I want to rock at TCM, and this is a great start to becoming a kickass practitioner.”  

5 stars*****

~2017-2018 Bootcamp Student

This course will cover:

-Definitions, common medical tests, causes, methods of western diagnosis, general red flags, western illnesses PLUS some fun and easy ways to remember many diseases for the following categories:




-ENT (Ear/Eye, Nose, Throat)

-Endocrine and Metabolic

-Gastrointestinal (GI)

-Genito-Urinary (GU)



-Infectious Diseases

-Mental and Behavioural





-Miscellaneous Conditions


Once your Western diseases have been completed, we will be going through the:

-143 TCM Illnesses

in GREAT detail. Yes, this large internal medicine section will be in an easy to read and memorize format, including comparative charts with the more ‘confusing’ of illnesses.

-Full Herbal Formulas + Modifications for EACH of the 143 TCM Illnesses!

Gillian did an AMAZING job at explaining all the western diseases in a simple manner, as well as connecting them to TCM illnesses!”

It was exactly what I needed and will continue to revisit my notes.”

“Gillian is awesome at pulling things together and explaining in a simple way yet very effective.”

“If you want to feel more confident at recognizing red flags in your clinic and when to refer out, as well as becoming familiar with common Western diseases and what Acupuncture can help with, take this course!” 

5 stars*****

~2017-2018 Bootcamp Students

“I needed help knowing what to focus on for the exam and my friends recommended this course. Great, professional and comprehensive.”

5 stars*****

~2018-2019 Bootcamp Student

You will be following along in your over 300-page workbook while learning from colourful photos and teachings for each. WARNING: some photos are NOT for the faint of heart ;). Included in the guidebook are directed assignments and quizzing designed to help you remember your diseases and red flags fast, and when it counts (i.e. on an exam, or in your clinic).

You will also learn some fun ways to remember many diseases and patterns for illnesses. As always, LIFT courses are interactive and entertaining, for the easiest learning and memory retention.

Looking forward to seeing you there soon!


*Curriculum guidebook to be purchased within course ($14.99USD). You will own this course for 10 months.

I enjoyed Gillian’s helpful tidbits on how she remembers certain western diseases, and the short stories of how she helped someone. It really paints a better picture about the disease and makes it more relatable.” 

5 stars*****

“The Biomedical Bootcamp is a well laid out program, providing a thorough over-view of all the necessary information. The layout alone allows for a great study and review. I found from just one run-through a lot of things stuck. I was even surprised when i completed the final test.”

5 stars*****

“I loved your review of the diseases and what they are which red flags to look for, as well as some easy ways to remember their names! The exam at the end was amazing too. I started off nervous like oh man, this is hard, but I really got into it and ended up with 80%! And that’s from me not looking at my notes or reviewing beforehand because I’m too busy with work right now!” 

5 stars*****

“This was a very extensive course. It was well organized and full of wonderful content. The quality of teaching was excellent. I was very impressed with the course content and material.”

“Amazing course”

5 stars*****

~2017-2018 Bootcamp Students

“Another great course. Well worth the time & money. Well thought out, and well executed.”

5 stars*****

“Thank you Gillian for this amazing course! You are such a brilliant instructor and knowledgeable practitioner. You made me want to study more with you and eventually to purchase all the courses you have created for us. I am extremely pleased with the quality of your teaching and usefulness of the information I have acquired from taking the Biomedical bootcamp. I appreciate all your hard work!”

5 stars*****

“Excellent. Everything was beyond my expectations.”

5 stars*****

“Biomed is such a huge area of study and this course explained everything in a way that made it easy to understand and not feel so overwhelming. It had the most coverage of biomed including the 143 diseases which other courses I had looked at did not cover the 143 diseases.”

5 stars*****

This is a great course to not only help prepare for board exams, but also as a review for those already in practice. I can see myself referring to the course companion guide as a resource for years to come! Gillian is a wonderful instructor. Lively and entertaining!”

5 stars*****

Excellent, engaging and very thorough. So impressed. As a practitioner returning to clinic work after years home with kids I would say this course is not only invaluable for students entering the field but also for those in practice. The specifics of bio-medicine are a perfect complement to the broadness of the TCM framework and really necessary, especially for those working in integrated settings. I more than highly recommend this course for all involved in this rapidly growing, evolving field!

5 stars*****

Surpassed my expectations! High quality, great examples and explanations. A whole lot of information in a short period! The companion guide will be a great resource to have in my clinic for reference. 143 Illnesses laid out nicely, love that acupuncture points were included.”

5 stars*****

~2018-2019 Bootcamp Students


  • $190.90
  • 300 Days
  • Course Certificate
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